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Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy is that the one of the very best yoga school in Lucknow And Varanasi here you get the expertise yoga guru and best yoga trainer who provide you with the foremost effective yoga training although you have also provided yoga therapy  here you will provide the best surroundings and best yoga classes where you will learn the assorted yoga postures.The academic facet of this institute is totally dominated by the foremost full-fledged and competent teacher Yogi Vikas Kumar Ji. Biyogaacademy institute is an Associate in Nursing example in itself that imparts complete education of yoga. we have got an inclination to tend to all or any belief that this institute shall profit the students in national moreover as international level and shall embrace the mantra “the whole world is one family”. Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy is a registered Organization for charity.

on official web site of Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy you will get a yoga book and on data processor videos is in addition be provided therefore you will learn top yoga at home.This yoga institute is for every age people either they are children or golden ager or normal age is the best yoga school as a result of here you will learn many asanas, Shatkaramas, and mudras.many events has been organized and seminar is to boot be taken by our yoga trainer

Yoga education is now a days very important for every one because many individuals are suffering with lot of health issues and stress due to there daily work. Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi  also encouraging many yoga institute and yoga school to move forward and to give the education of yoga to many people as much they can

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