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Sharp Circles is an Australian SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company having offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company helps small and medium sized companies to grow their business by helping their websites to rank higher in the Google’s organic search results. With a good number of clients, Sharp Circles have their own identity among other SEO companies in Australia. Syd Faizi is the founder and Senior SEO Consultant of the company; he is very professional and maintains a good client relationship which makes things easier for the clients to work with him.

SEO helps the clients to get a better understanding of their websites and current rankings in the Google search page. The company website provides a free SEO audit tool which can be used by anyone to understand their SEO scores and also it gives a detailed audit report containing actionable insights to improve your website’s performance. Also the company offers a free website analysis for the clients. By optimising a website, the visibility of the site can be increased greatly by getting a good online traffic which ultimately makes the business to grow further.

Sharp Circles provides very affordable SEO subscription plans. The 3 basic plans are:

  • SEO STANDARD (SEO Subscription for 10 Keywords)
  • SEO PLUS (SEO Subscription for 10 keywords PLUS GoogleMyBusiness)
  • SEO PROFESSIONAL (Comprehensive SEO Subscription for 30 keywords, GoogleMyBusiness & Social Profiles )

Under each of these plans, the clients can choose for a 4 weeks (express), 6 months (saver) or 1 year (complete) subscription plan.

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SEO results are not so rapid. For different websites, the time it takes for getting good rankings can vary. It is determined by a number of factors. If your website is very new, it can take a while to start getting good results. Typically we can see some changes in the rankings of a website within 4 to 6 weeks from the start of optimisation process and it can take around 3 to 6 months for getting 1st page rankings. For most websites, a minimum campaign of 6-12 months is recommended to achieve good results.


I had a great time working with Sharp Circles and definitely it’s a good start for anyone aspiring to become a professional in Australia. It was pleasure working with Syd as he is very friendly and is willing to explain any doubts of the interns at any time. The working environment is so good that we don’t feel any pressure here. Syd doesn’t behave like he is a boss or very senior person in the SEO field. He is always ready to clear our doubts and explains everything well without any hesitation. I learned a lot of new things through the internship and got an opportunity to meet many new people. I got a very good understanding about the SEO process and all these things are very new to me. I am expressing my heartfelt thanks to Syd for giving me this opportunity to work with Sharp Circles.

Roz was an intern working under the Senior SEO Consultant at Sharp Circles, an established SEO consultancy with offices in Victoria and NSW, Australia. For more information visit:

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