How to Select the Right Caster Wheels Like a Pro

Choose the right caster wheel for your needs

Tired of lifting and pushing your heavy workbench and any types of furniture from place to place? Why don’t you attach caster wheels to it for easy mobility and steering? When you attached caster wheels to the underside of your workbench, furniture, or equipment, it is easier for you to transport your load from one place to another.

Why is it important to choose the right caster wheel for your needs?

If you do not select the right caster, chances are you might get injured while using the equipment. This is because the weight of your load or furniture can greatly affect the mobility of your wheel.  You need to remember that the size of your wheel will distribute the weight of your load.

That is why it is important that you know the amount of a load of your workbench, furniture, or equipment when selecting a caster wheel. Your load is directly related to the size of the caster wheel – the greater the load, the larger the wheel should be. And this is for easy rolling and even distribution of weight.

In addition, a proper caster wheel ensures your maximum productivity as it increases your performance especially in a heavy load and powered operation. It also minimizes your long term costs as you don’t have to spend costly maintenance to your equipment and floorings.

The use of right caster wheels also decreases the chance of having accidents. The caster wheels’ ergonomic designed reduces the physical stress and tension when moving heavy loads.

Different Types of Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are divided into two (2) main categories – the rigid or “fixed” caster and the swivel caster.

Rigid Casters are known for its fixed-position feature wherein the wheels attached to a horn. It rolls in a straight line path and only allows a forward and backward movement.

Unlike swivel caster, rigid is much stronger and can bear more weight than the others.  But due to its limited movement, it becomes a poor choice for some applications.

Rigid caster wheels are very ideal for transporting pallets with a mounted-push stick.

Swivel caster has a one or two sets of raceway allowing you to move 360-degrees. In swivel caster, it pivots around a kingpin allowing the wheels to rotate and roll. It also allows your caster to swivel and move in all directions. In addition, there is also a huge selection of swivel casters depending on its functionalities.

Swivel Caster Types and How It Works

  • Stem Casters – As the name suggests, this type has different stem styles that you can use to mount your caster to a unit. The most common types of the stem are friction ring, round, square, threaded, and expandable stems.
  • Locking Casters – To keep your equipment or furniture in place, you can add several devices to your caster to prevent it from moving or rotating. You can choose a central locking, wheel-brakes, total lock, or add-on butterfly brake.
  • Hollow Kingpin Casters – This swivel type of caster has a tubular rivet that holds your caster altogether. You can bolt or have a customized stem in the hole of the rivet – depending on the mounting requirement that you need.
  • Kingpin-less Casters – This caster is designed for extreme durability. And unlike hollow kingpin, it does not have a bolt and nut kingpin.  You can use it for heavy loads and ideal for abusive applications.
  • Plate casters – This type is popularly known as the top plate. The caster has four (4) holes that can be bolt to a unit. You can find different hole patterns in a top plate depending on your mounting requirements.

Benefits of Using Caster Wheels

  • Increase mobility
  • Lessen physical stress on your muscles and joints
  • Protects your floor from scratch

Things to consider in choosing the right type

  • Size of caster wheels
  • Wheels width
  • Capacity
  • Rollability
  • Operating environment – ​room temperatures, obstacles, and obstructions
  • Floor conditions
  • Brakes
  • Mounting considerations

Advice when choosing one

Caster wheels can help you a lot in so many ways, that’s why it is important that you select the one that will best suit your need. But even if we have mentioned some tips, it choosing is not an easy task right? You can ask help from the expert to what type of caster to use based on your requirements. They can also help you with any question that you have in mind what type of caster wheels will make your tasks more efficient.

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