Dr Goral Gandhi explains Egg Freezing is the best option for whom

An embryologist from mumbai explains who should opt for egg freezing.

Even across the globe the phenomenon of having late pregnancies has changed tremendously with more women opting for career and professional life over getting married and motherhood. In United Kingdom, the number of women becoming pregnant, over the age of 40 has tripled since 1980. By 2016, more British women over 40 years old gave birth than those younger than 20 years old. Similarly in the United States of America, almost 2.3% of all births are to women aged 40 to 44 years.

Most women enter their menopausal period by their late 40s or early 50s. “In the years before menopause, a woman’s fertility declines. Although the life experience of an older woman may mean she is well equipped to be a mother, conceiving is not as easy as it is for a younger woman” says Dr Goral Gandhi.

3 classes of women who certainly should consider opting for the Egg Freezing Procedure are:


Unmarried women/Single Women:

Like a larger proportion of women, if she harbors a desire of having kids one day, but also awaiting for the right man then she is stands to be the perfect candidate to opt for Egg Freezing procedure.

Working Woman:

With her advancing age and declining fertility, while she traverses career growth and achieves professional success, Egg Freezing is the most viable option for her to have the security of having a child at a time that she is completely comfortable and confident with total devotion.

Woman who is medically unfit:

The women who are facing some health issues and infertility problems are one of those women who are opting for egg freezing and experiencing motherhood. Infertility problems often leave a women blank when it comes to becoming a mother naturally. Only then ART like egg freezing come into play in helping such women.

Thousands of women across the globe have already decided to freeze their eggs, giving them the power to have children when the timing is right, not when their biological clock dictates they should have them. Egg freezing has truly revolutionized how and when women can have children, and today I gave you my perspective on all the 3 major categories of women who should be certainly opting for it, if they hope to have children at a later point of their lives.

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