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Benefits of Fiber Optic Patch Cords and PLC Splitters

According to the research, in the 90s, transoceanic fiber optic cables replaced satellites between most continents. Presently, fiber has grown up as cost-effective cables to share a direct connection to the home.

Let’s introduce what is a Fiber Optic Patch cable?

optic patch cords

A fiber optic patch cable is also called fiber optic patch cord or fiber jumper cable and a fiber optic cable is closed with optic connectors on both sides. It is a network cable that holds two or more glass or plastic fiber cores detected inside a protective coating and wrapped with a plastic PVC outer sleeve.

Fiber optic is used in lighting, medicine, communications, optical inspections and to make sensors.

The commonly used fiber optic patch cables are classified into different forms based on fiber cable mode, connector type, structure and sizes.

  1. Single mode
  2. Multimode

If you talk about cable structure, it is available in simplex and duplex forms.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Patch Cords:

Fast speed

A cable has a core that carries light to transmit data. It allows cables to carry signals at very high speed just 31 per cent slower than the speed of light. The super fast connection makes things easy and accessible to you.

High bandwidth

Fiber Otpic Patch Cords provide greater bandwidth to carry more data that’s usually not possible with copper cables. Because generally copper cable was originated for voice transmission, therefore, it has limited bandwidth.

Long distance

It can carry signals to longer distance. It can move to much farther than the typical limitations. Additionally, total distance depends upon the type of cable and network you’re using.

More reliable

It is reliable item because its resistant to severe weather, moisture and temperature changes. Moreover, it does not carry electric current, so it’s not considered by electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can disturb the data transmission.


With advanced technology, these cables are not influenced. Its cost effective to purchase and remaining depends upon reliability and durability of a cable that makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) lower. This is the reason, why it’s used at a larger extent.

Now, let’s divert your mind to PLC splitter, as it is employed to split the cable according to the requirements.

PLC Splitters

PLC Splitters

It is a compact and reliable technique to split the optical signal. It is a device that comes up with multiple input and output terminals.

Generally, PLC splitters offer a splitting ratio up to 1*64.

Manufacturing technique of PLC Splitter

A PLC chip and many optical arrays are introduced in PLC splitter design on the basis of optical ratio. It is available in 1*N and 2*N ratios.

Benefits of PLC Splitter

  • It can be applied with different types of connectors such as SC, ST, FC etc
  • Up to 64 output ports can be supplied
  • Low cost
  • It can be pre-installed connectivity products such as joints and wall boxes


Fiber optic splitter offers high optical performance. It can meet with your technical demands and more importantly, it’s easily available at CBO Connecting Technology.

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Fiber Optic Patch Cord is a smart choice to enlarge your connectivity and CBO Connecting Technology helps you to make this type of networking happens. We offer fiber optic cable at a very genuine price.

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