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8 Reasons Why Managed Hosting Is Important For Any Website

For a successful business, you have to face the competition with web hosting services, content creation and marketing. These factors are stressful to handle. But get your business on a successful path is another critical decision.

Today we discuss why managed hosting is important.

You’re working so hard, so your business deserves the best and a managed hosting service is definitely fulfilling your demand. Because behind every victorious site is a powerful hosting provider. And if you want fast performance, solid security, maintenance and other features, such hosting provider is more reliable as compared to others.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In simple words, we can say it is a service where all technical elements of running WordPress are managed by the host. Mainly, this service focuses on WordPress sites, which means it optimizes WordPress and CMS (content management system) websites.

Let’s dive into the next section where you can analyse the top 8 reasons why managed hosting is important for any website.

  1. Best WordPress Security Practices

Whether your website has been hacked before or not, security is safe and important that should always be on the top of your list. With WordPress managed host, you’ll rack up the benefits of built-in security enhancements. It will scan all the malware and hackers attempts. Somewhere it is really admirable that keeps the important data inside tight security.

Moreover, high backup option is available to your site which means whenever you lost some details or document, you can redeem it back into the memory with restoration choice.

Additionally, managed host optimizes their servers for WordPress security, so you don’t need to stress of security plugins again. With it, you can get the clean-up service also but some providers impose an extra charge of it and some offer it absolutely free.

  1. Faster Sites And Phenomenal Performance rate

For WordPress experience, managed host providers offer high speed, uptime and great performance. The common WordPress themes and plugins deliver no work over your head. Based on the types of themes and plugins you’re running, it’ll optimize your servers.

Moreover, managed hosting providers offer performance enhancement benefits like a CDN, server locations around the world, and even instant-scaling technology. Don’t be confused if you’re working with the managed host because all these powerful features will be easy to install.

Such type of hosting providers gives you a trouble-free experience. In fact, it allows you to focus on your client and business. With experts and reliable features, your brand will be protected from the downtime and hackers.

  1. Easy To Add SSL Certificates

Have you noticed a little green padlock in the browser next to a URL? This shows whether a website has an SSL certificate installed or not. And with managed host, its being easy to add to your site.

Talking about the previous process, SSL certification installation took huge time and required solid communication between your hosting provider and certificate provider. But now the time has changed, this process takes a few hits and all you want is done.

These hosting providers play a crucial role in easy installation of SSL certificates and approachable to all site owners. Many hosts offer free SSL certificates and for an advanced version of it, managed hosting is the best choice.

  1. Site Management

With a managed WordPress host, everything will be arranged in an accurate manner. You don’t have to confuse in between different setups, an appropriate setting is planned for all your websites. And it works incredibly when you want to begin some projects with different clients and decided to grow your business and it will save your precious time.

The host properly takes care of updates for you like WordPress updates, PHP updates, and even theme and plugin updates. This process will leave a lot of bandwidth to manage different clients at the same time.

With this, you’ll get hassle-free set-ups and its beneficial for you as well as for your clients.

  1. Superior Support

Reason!! Why you should choose a managed hosting? Superior support. This hosting only deals with the WordPress platform because if support team concentrate on one platform, they will become experts in it. So, its better to adopt a single software to focus on.

There is no need to bounce here and there, with just a click, chat session is opened up to your screen and you’ll get the desire details from the technical team.

  1. Avoid using as many plugins

With managed hosting, you’ll get rid of unnecessary plugins. In the partnership of managed WordPress host, they’ll look out site optimizations and other relevant features without including much plugins.

They Can Help You To Discard Plugins Like:

  • Security plugins
  • Performance plugins
  • Caching plugins
  • Backup plugins
  1. Easy To Access Advanced Tools

To create a brand new site and resolve some error, managed WordPress host will make advanced tools easy to access. Some are using cPanel, on the other side; some has designed their own custom dashboard to make the experience better.

Follow A List Of Easy Action You Can Perform:

  • Export logs
  • Manage the database
  • Flush the cache
  • Access SFTP etc
  1. Other Features

For an ideal workflow, the managed WordPress features that will help you:

  • Cooperate with team, clients and on-time participators
  • Generate site themes and plugins
  • Demo sites to review by clients
  • Send hosting bill to clients

These features will support your work effectively and impact on the value you’re getting out of it.


As you have read there are huge benefits of choosing the WordPress managed hosting over another hosting. You heard right, its an expensive hosting but don’t forget what you’re earning in return of it, so you should think this is an investment in your business.

If you have any query, is a step away to support you. Let us help you whenever you need.


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