Landscape Gardeners: Know How Their Creative Work Done

Have you been in a place that has a beautiful garden and enjoy taking a picture in there? Do you have an idea where those beautiful design and creativeness came from? The creative design and relaxing place like a garden are works of creative and practical landscape gardeners.

Landscape Gardeners at Work

You can see the beautiful creation of these amazing landscapers in City Park, school, malls, companies, and other places. Thanks to our landscape gardeners’ beautiful imagination.

And to know more about them, let us know first how passionate landscape gardeners work.

For every client, landscapers carefully and artistically plan-out the design that they will present. They consider everything, from the place and their client’s desire.

There are steps for the process of this beautiful kind of project.

If you think that planning the landscape project easy, think again. A professional landscape gardener follows the step to ensure that the job is successful. That is why landscapers have stages in landscaping that they follow.

Stages of Landscaping that Landscape Gardeners follow

The Briefing Stage

In this stage, the landscape gardener and client will have the initial consultation and proposal. And they will have:

  • Site Visitation – They visit the site first to have an idea for the design.
  • Meeting with the client – This is one of the important parts. In here the landscaper will get to discuss your ideas, wants, design concept, and your purpose of the landscaping project.
  • Initial Planning – After clearing up the requirement and collaboration with you. They will now start putting those ideas into sketch, plans, and design.

After the approval of the proposal, the landscape gardener will go to the detailed design development.

The Designing Stage

In this stage, the initial concept of the plan is developed. This is to provide the client with a greater understanding of the design.

  1. Site Analysis

While on the visit, the landscape gardener inspects the whole place to gather information and to see the possible outcome of their design. While doing this, they are also considering the following factor.

Inspection Criteria:
    • The direction of the sun
    • The current condition of the place
    • Things that surround the area
  1. Base Mapping

Measurements and photographs are needed for this one. Both are for the purpose of base mapping.

Base mapping is like the blueprint of the whole place. It is to see the place from above. Other landscapers prepare to use a sketch while some use photographs in an aerial shot for the convenience of all.

  1. Design Development

This is to refine the final design and dividing the layout. After finalizing the design and get approved, they will then take care of the things needed.

Landscape Gardener Design Requirements:
    • Equipment
    • Laborers
    • Materials
  1. Design Document

All of the information included in the project should be documented.

Information prepared by landscape gardeners:
    • Landscape Plan
    • Planting Plan
    • Lighting Plan
    • Demo Plan
    • Design

Landscape gardeners put their entire creativeness in plants. Like what plant to use and where to put them. You already know how landscape gardeners work. And how landscapers planned those beautiful gardens you see everywhere you go.

Aside from plants, you can also put decking, driveways, or patio in your garden.

Deck, Patio or Driveways: Can’t you decide what to be in your garden?

Today, many things are on trends like gadgets, drink and food, places and its design, and etc. And in landscaping, decks, patios, and driveways are always considered to be in a garden.

To give you more about these three, here are some information and benefits for each.


    • Low maintenance
    • Has a wide range of colors, shapes, and texture
    • Looks good in a larger space
    • Adding value to your property
    • You can relax anytime outdoor


    • Quicker to build
    • Adding value to your property
    • Adding aesthetic appeal
    • You can host a party


    • Quicker to build
    • Durable
    • Easy to replace
    • Has a wide range of colors

These are just some benefits where patio, deck, and driveways are commonly known. If you already choose among the three, you can suggest it to your landscape gardener or architect. Among the three can add value to your property and aesthetic appeal.

If you want to have a beautiful, great and relaxing garden for your place, landscaping is the best thing.

Appreciating someone’s place is a positive feeling. It is like you are thanking the one who made all the good work. Another thing, every professional landscape gardener doesn’t stick on what they know about plants. It is because they have extensive knowledge about plants. And they do know and study every part for your garden.

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