Afraid New Pet Owner? 8 tips for doing dog grooming the right way

As a new pet owner, it is normal that you get scared in grooming your dog for the first time.

This is because you are afraid that you might hurt them during the process right?

Grooming your pet is a very important task as a parent. In addition, it is a great way to bond with your furry little baby.

Well, you don’t have to a scared dog parent. You just have to learn the basic and a few grooming tricks.

Some may think that grooming your pet regularly is just to make your pup look good. Well, they are all wrong; this is because it is an essential part of keeping your pup look healthy.

And having them look good is just a bonus.

Don’t be afraid to groom your dog at home

Other pet owners who are afraid to groom their pets alone bring their pet to a grooming shop. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Actually, it is perfectly fine to pamper your furry loved ones. But if you are on a tight budget and at the moment cannot make it to a grooming shop maybe this is the right time to this on your own.

You don’t have to be a genius and take a degree to know how to take good care of your pet.

And you might be surprised that it was just so easy unlike what you are thinking of. So to help you in taking care of your furry loved ones, here are some of the dogs grooming tips the right way.

Dog grooming steps you’ve never thought was so easy

You don’t have to worry about taking care of your dog. You just have to know the right approach and follow the steps in dog grooming.

  1. Taking care of the fur

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your dog’s fur and overall health, you have to keep in mind the details and stages of taking proper care.

  • Bathing Time

Some dogs have sensitive skin and special needs. And as a dog parent, you have to know these basic things. You can ask a recommendation from your veterinarian on what products to use for your pup. Use only the prescribed products like clothes, shampoos, and conditioner for them.

Before the bathing time, see if your dogs have any potential mats. You can use a scissor to cut them out.

Prepare the bathtub and make sure that the water is only ankle deep. Put your dog and get its fur wet. Slowly shampoo it from the head to tail. After doing so, carefully rinse off the shampoo and avoid getting the soapy water to your pup’s eyes.

In addition, you don’t have to bathe your pups daily. As advised, you can wash your dog every other week or a minimum of once every three months. Or depending on the situation, if your dog is smelly, then it is bathing time already.

  • Drying the Fur

To keep your dog’s skin nice and strong, you have to carefully dry its fur. Drying your dog’s fur makes them comfortable.

  • Brushing and Combing

While it is not recommended to bathe your dog daily, brushing and combing their fur is strongly recommended to be done daily. Use the right brush and comb for your dog’s fur type. And also consider using a de-shedding glove.

Tips: You can brush your dog first before giving them a bath. By doing so, it makes the bathing time much quicker and easier. Aside from that, it also speeds up your drying time.

  1. Taking care of the nails

I know this is the grooming task that you most afraid in doing right? You think that cutting your pup’s nails is hard and complicated. But actually, it is not. You just have to know how to handle the situation the proper way.

  • Prepare your equipment

Before starting the process, find a place where you and your pet are both comfortable.

Choose the right nail trimmer depending on the size of your dog’s nail. Prepare your dog grooming tool like:

  • Nail trimmer
  • Styptic powder
  • Cotton balls
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Metal hand file
  • Power rotary tool

It is more comfortable for both of you and your dog if your grooming tools are within your reach.

  • Cut the nail little by little

You don’t have to cut your pup’s nail in just one go to finish the process right away. You have to take a small increment step in cutting it out. You can clip from the edge up while trying to stay within the red, light-colour nail.

  • Keep your dog calm and comfortable

While doing the clipping process, make sure to control your pet’s movement in the most comforting way. Always check if your dog is being distressed. If so, take a break first before proceeding.

You don’t want your dogs traumatized right? Take things slow and careful as possible to prevent injuries and show to your pup that it is perfectly ok.

  1. Taking care of the Ears

To keep your dog comfortable and free from infection, you need to keep their ear clean. You can do it regularly. Dampen a cotton ball with an ear cleaner and wipe the folds of the skin. A cotton ball is enough and it is not recommended to use a cotton swab.

Some of our furry loved ones are sensitive when the inside of their ear is being touched. If they are, then the swab may reach too deeply inside the ear and might cause some damage. That is why cotton balls are more ideal to use.

Dog Grooming is fun and easy

These are just the basic tips in taking care of your dog. Looks so easy, right? So you don’t have to be afraid of giving your dog the proper grooming that it needed. In fact, this task can be a great way to bond and connect with your furry friend. And eventually, make you the best pet groomer in town.

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