Unique Engagement Ring: Things That You Should Know

Why choosing an engagement ring is so hard and what you can do about it?

Are you one of those men who don’t know what unique engagement ring to buy for their girlfriend?

Being in love is one of the most comfortable feelings that a person always wants to experience. And the mere fact that you’re here reading this, your girl is very lucky.

When you both already know each other and both sure and mature, then that’s the sign.

It is not about the proposal; a simple proposal could be a very special moment and would be much appreciated.

“Proposing to your partner means that you are offering the life you envision for the both of you.”

In deciding about the ring, some men just let the store jeweller recommend a ring and bought it. While some men struggling and thinking so hard on what ring their partner would prefer.

And now that you want to settle down for good, it only means that you need to get ready.

Ready to plan your wedding with your partner and ready to start a new family.

For some men, it is hard to choose the ring for their partner because they want to give them the best. And men ask help from their friends and family just to make sure their partner will like the ring.

But when it comes to a wedding ring, it is best that you open up about it with your fiancée when you both in a good conversation.

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And to help you in deciding what is the best and unique engagement ring to choose you must read this:

4 Tips In Choosing A Unique Engagement Ring

  1. Know the 4 C’s of Diamonds

If you want diamonds for your partner, then you should know the 4 C’s.

  • Cut. This determines the brilliance of a diamond.
  • Color. Diamond has a different color but the rarest of all is the colorless diamond.
  • Clarity. Diamond has the characteristic of having blemishes. And diamonds without blemishes are rare although these blemishes are not seen by our naked eye.
  • Carat. This is the unit of weight of a precious stone.

Yes, it is not really necessary to buy a so much expensive ring. But, if you can afford one of those luxurious rings online or on a real store it is fine also.

  1. Know what your partner prefers

It is true that sometimes even if we already know the person, we hesitate to buy something for them. It is because we are thinking if she will going to like it.

Actually, sometimes you can open up things like this to your partner. Or just ask it in a simple but not too obvious way.

  1. Don’t ask what’s the best ring to buy

Many people when they go to a place either to eat or buy something, they just ask the best seller and buy it.

But if you are considering your budget, then you should plan what kind of ring to buy. It is not really necessary to buy an expensive one.

Either you’re on a budget or not you should pick the one that will fit the taste of your partner.

  1. Ask your family member

One of the best things you should consider is asking the family members of your partner. It is because they know want she likes.

5 Advantages of a Custom Handmade and Unique Engagement Rings

  1. You can get exactly what you want

You just need to tell your jeweller the details and if it is possible to make.  When it comes to a custom handmade engagement ring, you can exactly get what you want especially made by a talented and professional jewellery maker

  1. Shows more commitment

It will show how committed you are to your partner. For some girls, it is very special to have a custom handmade and unique engagement ring design by their partner.

  1. You are certain of the quality

When you work with a jeweller, you can assure what are the materials and stones to be put on. And that is for you to have a valuable and long lasting ring for the love of your life.

Having a handmade ring is special. And that you are showing how much you trust the jeweller that you have chosen.

  1. Convenient

You don’t have to look at every jewellery shop for your ideal ring. In fact, you can have a custom-made ring for your partner by yourself.

  1. Budget-friendly unique engagement ring

When you are to shop for your engagement ring, the problem is that the price is already set based on the quality of materials of the ring. So if you want to stick with your budget and still want to give the best for your partner, you can work with your jeweller.

So if you’re going to have a custom-made one, you can scale down the clarity of the stone or reduce the cost of the ring.

Aside from that, your partner will be delighted if they found out that you have it designed by yourself. Making you extra romantic, right?

Get Ready to Set the Date

You want to tie the knot already, right? So be ready to set the date of your proposal and prepare the best and unique engagement ring for your partner. You can ask the help of a jeweller, your family, or friends for this. Or you can even design a custom handmade engagement ring for yourself.

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