Non-Profit Staffing: What things to consider before hiring one?

Non-profit staffing and work hiring can be kind of difficult, especially for the organization that doesn’t have much of experience in hiring staff.

When your non-profit organization has grown, there are many things that you will be handling and be concerned about.

The launching, the hosting, and fundraising can be very overwhelming, right?

And this big break, resulting in a handful of tasks, will get you and your staff very busy. But to make this goal possible, you need a lot of commitment from your staff.

The thing is no matter how committed your staffs are, you will still need to hire help to prevent your staffs from exhaustion and burn-out.

Non-Profit Staffing Now

You need to bring some new member staff to spread out the work. Hiring staff is not easy. You cannot hire every applicant for the jobs. You are organizations with a goal to achieve.

And you are hiring new staff to help you achieve this. That’s why we listed some tips that you should consider before hiring a new hand.

So, here are some important factors to consider before you hire a new member of your staff.

Factors in hiring a non-profit 

  1. Type of Contract to Offer

You need to figure out how much time you expect from your new staff before going to further details. The time span will be depending on the position and needs that you are going to fill.

Type of Non-Profit Employment Contract

  • Full-time Job — this employment contract is the most common type. It is usually offered for a permanent position. Mostly, you will need 40 hours of work per week. Although there is no minimum number of hours that your staff must work in a full-time job, you will be expecting that the job will be priority with your hire’s time.
  • Part-time Job — this type of contract needs fewer working hours. Nonetheless, part-time jobs can also hold permanent positions. Part-timers contract can also contain many same details of a full-time counterpart. You are expecting and just need less than 30 working hours per week. Hence, you cannot expect that your part-time hire will always give you their priority and full exert of work in the field.
  • Contract — this type of employment can be seasonal depending on the work that you need. There are many types of contract depending on the duration of time that you will need their help. It can be a fixed- term contract, zero-hour contract, or casual work contract. Loads of job can be what a regular staff does but expect that the hired staff may not give a full commitment to your organization.
  • Volunteer — this just need a short term goal or just medium skills job that doesn’t require much training. Most of the time, volunteers are needed for a short term basis.
  • Consultant — this job is expected to have higher skills than your other team doesn’t have.

So, it’s your turn to decide what contract you will need. It must be useful and effective for your organization.

You need to be frank to your candidates about the time commitment that you needed. And what the things that you are expecting from your future team’s effort for your organization is.

  1. Specific Knowledge and Skills That You Need

Let’s just say that you have already settled your budget and you are ready to hire more staff. The skills that you need will depend on the job responsibility that you are requiring. In this case, you’ll require specific skills in some areas to non-profits.

  1. Soft Skills that Applicants Must Have

Every position within a non-profit need requires different sets of skills. When it comes to public speaking, a writing specialist doesn’t have to be in the same communication level a public relation director.

But he needs to be superior to details most especially when it comes to written communication.

Soft skills that mostly needed in a non-profit job:

  • Learning Quality
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Leadership

These set of skills are not definite. So, you should stand out and help your organization and your candidates to be more specific.

Non-Profit Staffing Help

There are more factors that should be considered before you hire your new staff for your organization. Be sure that you hire the right one you needed for the task you required. Your non-profit organization must be doing well as you looking for your new staff. You can ask for the help of a non-profit staffing agency to find the perfect person for your organization needs. Let your success begin and find the right staff member to continue your business growth.

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