Beautiful Panel Styles for your Window Shutter

Are you tired of looking at your window because it looks to plain? Well, imagine them with a window shutter? Looks amazing, right?

It is not always easy to choose what type of window treatment you are going to use. Depending on the style of your home, you can either choose blinds, shutters, awnings, or curtains. And whatever you are going to use it will surely create a beautiful transformation to your window.

Well, you can revamp your windows and give them a perfect and seamless look by adding shutters to it. Whether you opt to use interior or exterior window treatment it will make your home more elegant.

Shutters – Window Covering

Shutters usually consist of a solid and stable frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails.

It gives an amazing and formal look to your window. That is why you can never go wrong when you are working with this window covering.

Window Shutter Function

  1. Gives Protection – helps in protecting against the elements like wind and lights. It also provides additional privacy to your room.
  2. Decorative Purposes – it provides an attractive alternative to traditional blinds and other window treatment. Aside from that, it is also neat and the designs can easily match any room decoration.

Below is the list of shutter styles that you can use for your window treatment.

Different Window Shutter Surface Styles

  1. Raised Panel Shutter

It is made with a box-like design where a series of rectangular features stands out from the frame.

If your house style is like a federal manor home, traditional colonial homes, quaint craft cottages, and other architectural style homes, then this type of surface style is a very ideal enhancement to use.

raised panel style
raised panel style
  1. Louvered Shutter

This type of shutter features a series of wood slates that overlaps each other on the same frame. You can use louvered as an interior or exterior shutter. If you want to give your home a country-like look, then this style is great.

Louvered also gives a graceful yet enduring beauty to your window for its tasteful signature styling and timeless accent to any homes.

  1. Shaker Style Shutter

Even though shaker is similar to raised-panel shutter, it has a flat body making it ideal to use as an interior or exterior shutter. This flat, solid panel is very ideal in giving protection as it blocks out bad weather and bright lights.

If you want to give your window a plain, traditional, and simple look, then you can consider using the shaker.

  1. Plantation Shutter

This type of shutter offers wide angled slats fixed around a series of intervals. It also allows the light to move through the slats making you control and adjust the lights that are passing through your room.

If you want to give your window a laid-back southern charm look, plantation shutter is the right one for you. Although you can use this as an exterior shutter, it is usually installed in interiors.

Plantation Shutter
Plantation Shutter


  1. Board and Batten Shutter

This shutter is made out of a series of wooden boards that are linked together in a series of battens. Based on the curves around your window, you can cut out your board into a variety of shapes.

Are you aiming for a warm, rustic look design for your window?

Then this classic style is the right one for you. Board and batten are originally inspired by the town’s country look of New England homes.

  1. Scandinavian Shutter

This one is a combination of board and battens design and distinguished with a series of cut-outs and bright colour designs.

If you are living in a place that often encounters difficult weather conditions like howling blizzards and snowstorms, then this one is best suited for your window.

Scandinavian Shutter
Scandinavian Shutter


  1. Combination Shutter

Combination shutter is half-solid and half-louvered shutter style. If you want to give your window a customized and unique look, then this is the type of shutter style to be used.

This is a perfect window enhancement for its versatility and a great alternative to wooden shutter.

Choosing the Right Shutter Style

If you are aiming to give your window an elegant design, you can use blinds, curtains, awnings, and shutter.

Today, the shutter is one of the best window treatment enhancements that you could give to your window and home.

Always remember that each style has its own functionality and beauty. And because there are many varieties of shutter available in the market, you may have difficulty in choosing.

You can ask help from a windows and blinds specialist to help you decide which style is best suited for your window.

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