IT Staff: Important Things to Know About Staffing Agency

Find job and get hired with the help of a staffing agency.

If you are having a hard time looking for a company, you can look for a staffing agency.

If you haven’t heard about it, what staffing agency does is they partner with different companies. And they are the one who will screen for an applicant and see what job and partner-company an applicant can fit. To cut it short, they help companies look for a qualified applicant for an open position.

After all those years you spent in school, finally, you graduated. And you no longer have to do research and paperwork at night.

Are you a new graduate or you want to change career?

Either way, opportunities are always there.

And looking for a job can be easy for some or difficult for you or vice versa. You can ask your family or friends who experienced applying for a job. From their experience, you will learn many things. And expect things that you might encounter if you are the one applying.

Different kinds of staffing agencies

  • Temp Agency

They hire candidates to work at a company for a temporary period of time.

  • Contingency-based Agency

The agency gets paid when the company hires one of the qualified candidates.

  • Retained Search Agency

This kind of agency handles senior level positions.

  • Niche Recruiting Agency

This is an agency who hire for a specific job industry. Like, IT Staffing Agency, Electronic Recruitment Agency, etc.

If you find an agency for that offers the position you are looking for, contact them.

Different Types of Jobs an Agency Can Offer You

  • Temporary

  • Temporary to Hire

  • Permanent

A staffing agency is also known for recruiting agency, employment agency, or staffing company. And here are the benefits when you use Staffing Agency for finding a job.

5 Benefits using Staffing Agency for Finding a Job

There are lots of advantages you can get when you use a staffing agency when you find a job.

  1. Saves your time

When you go to an agency, there is already a company and a position that you have to work on to get it. Unlike when you find a job on your own, it will consume your time searching for one.

  1. Benefits

They also offer benefits like health insurance, life insurance, etc.

Sometimes in an interview, there are questions like what do you like about the company, you can tell this one.

  1. Many job opportunities

Before you go on the agency, check what kind of industry they deal with. And look at what kind of job they offer. And you can find a lot of jobs that match your skills; you have to be good at showing it.

  1. Free

The agency itself, their client is the company rather than the applicants. But if you find an agency that charges you, don’t continue your application process, it might be a scam.

  1. Advice

In a staffing agency, they will give tips and feedback based on your application process.  It is after they see your resume, interview, and the result of the test they give you (if there’s any). It is because, for you to get accepted by their partner company.

If you have a doubt about the staffing firm, you can check it on the internet. There’s a directory for staffing agencies in your country.

How to Get Ready For an Interview

  • Do a research

Always be ready when you know you have an interview.

Search for:
  • Company background
  • A job description that you are applying for
  • Possible question an interview will ask
  • Practice

Before you go on an interview, remember all the information you read about the company. And make sure you practice how to answer the questions without faltering.

  • What to wear

If they haven’t said about what you have to wear, pick any formal and comfortable dress you have.

Get every opportunity that will help you with your future success. Finding a job might be hard at first but through your experience in every job you have had, the result will show in you. Through how professional you’ve become.

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