The Hottest Types of Engagement Ring This Year 2019

Getting married to the love of your life is wonderful and exciting. And your engagement ring is one of the things that you should prepare the most.

And when the time has come that you have to finally “ask the question of the year”, you have to prepare a lot of things. Who wouldn’t want a romantic proposal, right?

But among all the things that you need to prepare, you have to prepare. And choose the best, the grandest, and the unique engagement ring that you think will best suit for your fiancée.

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Wife-to-be

It should be the first decision you should make because it will determine what kind of diamond you‘ll need to buy.  We all know that it’s not easy to choose a ring. In fact, it can be an overwhelming task for a guy.

Admit it; there is a lot of pressure in purchasing one, right?

It is because you know that this ring is a symbol of your love to your girlfriend. And now you are giving this ring as a token of your willingness and commitment to put your relationship to a new and more serious level. And you know that your fiancée will be showing off the ring to your family and friends, so you want it to be the best.

So, here is some info about different kind’s engagement ring to help you figure out what would be the style of engagement ring you wanted and your future wife does.

2019’s Hottest Types of Engagement Rings

  1. The Solitaire Setting

This classic ring is one of the most common rings used in engagement. It is also called in other words as pron setting.

It has a little metal claw that holds the diamond tightly that hold in its place. The ring may vary in its different shape. It can look like rounded, V-shape flat or pointed, but the latter is the most common for the princess cut diamonds.

solitaire ring
solitaire ring

What’s good in this ring is it enables the light to pass through the diamond. Wherein it can increase stone’s shine and brilliance. It also elevates the shape of the diamond that makes its prominent look and classic.

  1. The Tension Setting

Well, sounds a bit odd, but it named for the tension of the metal band that holds and secure diamond in its place.

Diamond makes itself noticeable and firm. The tension setting gives a comparable and unique look. But at the same time is more complicated to make and less expensive.

What’s good in this setting is it securely holds the diamond in its place and gives a modern style.

  1. The Pave Setting

It comes from the French word that means paved with diamonds. This paves setting that pronounced as “pa-vay” gives a simple, yet elegant looks.

The ring has its small diamonds together. It embraces the ring with its metal beads and highlights the center of the stone. It also gives extra shine and sparkle with its small diamond stone. You can also ask for another design in a vintage or modern style if you just want something unique and new.

In terms of resizing, it may be quite difficult as it surrounded by tiny diamonds. So, it is highly recommended to confirm the ring size early in the design process. This is to avoid any problem after the ring has finished and fitted.

  1. The Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is one of the most simple, yet elegant and classic looks of engagement ring.

The cathedral setting is inspired by the nimble arches of a cathedral.  The ring setting is use and metal arches to hold its diamond stone in its place. It also offers an extra height because of its style which gives more character.

  1. The Three Stone Setting

This is one of the most elegant and powerful styles of a ring because of its versatility.

The three stone setting can be used not only in engagement but in anniversary or another’s occasions. The style of the stone has two blue side stone with its larger diamond center. And it also set closely together symbolizing the couple’s past, present, and the future.

Three Stone Setting
Three Stone Setting

The rings’ setting not only symbolizes a couple’s time. But also gives a sentimental moment by wearing its unique engagement ring.

Alternative Option for your Engagement Ring

Picking a ring would be a bit hassle as you may overwhelm with its different style and settings. But it’s all worth it for both of you and your fiancé’s happiness.

But if you want to make your engagement ring more personalized you can do so. You can have beautiful engagement options set with ethically sourced diamonds, rough Montana sapphires, and other alternative gemstones.  It all just depends on your taste and budget.  You can also order a custom handmade engagement ring, boho engagement rings, or eco-friendly engagement rings for your fiancée.

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