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5 Things to Consider In Choosing SSD or Hard Disk Drive

Nowadays, people often use a desktop or laptop for important matters. Reasons like work, project files, online matters, etc.

You can’t deny that even if you can watch movies on the internet or see pictures you still download it. And we often save important files to our computer that makes our storage full.

Have you experienced needing more storage for your computer?

Choosing the right storage for a computer is a difficult thing. Looking for various drives might be hard. And it needed for considerations like efficiency and reliability.

There are types of computer storage like:

Primary Computer Storage Devices

This is directly connected to the computer’s CPU.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Cache

Secondary Computer Storage Devices

This is external storage and more likely back-up storage.

  • Hard drive
  • Solid-state drive
  • USB thumb drive
  • SD card
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Floppy diskette
  • Tape drive

Tertiary Computer Storage Devices

This storage requires a database to organize data.

  • Tape libraries
  • Optical jukeboxes

Now that you know where these two drives belong here is the list to consider to help you whether what to choose for your internal storage.

5 Things to Consider In Choosing SSD or Hard Disk Drive

  1. SSD, Hybrid or Hard Disk Drive?

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is the most common type of storage used for computers for a long time. It uses metal platters, a magnetic surface and moving parts to write your data.

And SSD (Solid-State Drive) uses flash memory to be more efficient and reliable. SSD is slowly replacing most of the HDD. For the reason that there are many things that SSD is more efficient and reliable than HDD.

And one of the best SSD in the market today is a M.2 SSD. This is because; in M.2 SSD you do not need for large space on your unit. It does not require any wiring for data and power.

While Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) is the combination of both technologies. It acts as an additional cache for your computer. Also, SSHD is the primary market and recommendable for laptop computers. Another thing, SSHD has a higher cost than SSD.

  1. Cost

Solid state drive has a higher price than hard disk drives. That’s why most computers with SSD are only in gigabytes. Compared to HDD, terabyte hard disk drives are available at reasonable prices.

  1. Speed

If you want to consider the speed rather than its cost, then solid state drive is a good choice. For the reason like solid state drives’ file opening and copying is faster than hard disk drives.

  1. Capacity

As mentioned in the beginning, HDD has a high capacity and low cost.

If you are asking why 1T of SDD is outside of people’s price range, that’s why the most computer with SDD only has a hundred gigabytes of storage. And as we know, you can find 1T of HDD at a lower price in the market.

  1. Battery Life

Solid state drive is more power efficient rather than hard disk drives.

Because, a hard drive uses more battery power than SSD, an SSD you can use it longer.

It depends on what you prefer, if you need high capacity and low cost, HDD can be your choice.  But if you want a more efficient and reliable drive for your computer, SSD is a good one.

Both storage that has their own benefits and capabilities, it will all depend on you which one are you going to use.

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