Scaffolding will always play an important part in the construction industry.

And if you work for a construction job as a painter, window washers or engineers, then you are friends with scaffolding, right?

Your task is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is very risky and close to danger. That is why proper safety precautions should be measured and maintained to avoid fall accidents and injury.

There are some guidelines for safety precautions that would help to make the job convenient, comfortable, and safety.

Scaffolding Safety Guidelines

  • Maintain a strong built of Scaffolding

A building structure is safe when it is constructed properly.

So, it’s the same with scaffolding. The stand of it should be stable and firm. Never ever use bricks, boxes, drums or barrels to support your scaffold, as it could move, shift in different position and may lead to accidents.

The beams of the scaffold should be strong enough and safe to hold 5 times that load in them or else it will break.

“Ensuring the good support and erect of scaffolding is one of the important guidelines for the safety and precautions of a scaffold.”

If the structure of the scaffold is design for not more than two people, then it should only allow working for that kind of numbers.

Some companies allow to overloading the workplace of scaffolding that’s why some accidents happen.

  • Getting safe in scaffold workplace

Working and standing in the scaffold is one of the most dangerous works in construction.

“Falling and slipping on the work area are major reasons for accidents and injuries.

The dangerous and not safe place in scaffolding should be avoided.

Never work the area with water or oil in its surface to prevent slipping. It’s not only water but also some other small things like nails can be a cause of accidents. It is recommended to wear shoes that would give a good grip.

Arrange your tools in one area so that it’s not scattered in the working area that can create slipping hazards. Don’t move the scaffolding while anyone is standing on it and never work on it when there is rain or strong wind.

  • Get safety equipment

It is required for a construction firm to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guidelines for workers especially to scaffolders in Arundel to avoid a hazard.

Fall protection consists of a safety harness or belt that is attached to a stable structure like building or establishments. It is applied for workers who work to build a scaffold also workers inside of scaffolding.

“It would be a wise action if you would wear hard hats the same as engineers if you are working in a dangerous area of scaffolding.”

If your workplace is in water or outside of the ship, wear a life vest for protection if ever fall happens.

Safety and Precaution is a MUST

Following safety and precautions in a workplace may be a bit hassle but it’s important to have knowledge on it and follow especially if you work on the dangerous area such in scaffolds. It is a wise action to take care of your life as well.

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