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Ruby on Rails: A Perfect Solution for Web Development

Ruby is a general purpose writing language created back in 1995 but still, it is counted in the top ten programming languages. In the past few decades, multiple programming languages have been released. Apparently, it is hard to find a perfect fit for web development. Ruby on Rails (RoR) has made its distinctive and valuable image in the web development field because of its benefits. In RoR, Ruby is a type of programming language, whereas Rails is a framework.

Before we discuss why this tool is considered as an ideal choice for web development, let’s have a short glance on what RoR is. It is a cross-development application written in Ruby under the MIT license. This is an open-source framework based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and is one of the most preferred choices of the web developers today. These key attractions not only make it popular amongst the start-ups and small-scale enterprises but it is also widely accepted by the large-scale enterprises.

Here are some of the key benefits of this framework that makes it popular for web development:

Requires Less Coding

The primary task in web development is to write appropriate and relevant codes because writing codes is not an easy task. Ruby on Rails is an exclusive platform wrapped with ready to use plugins, modules, and tools that help developers to work efficiently along with writing less code. This way, developers have sufficient time to invent new ways to work on different aspects of web development. The development of applications have become 40% faster than other programming languages and it is also an essential tool to check the feasibility of any project and addressing the errors if any.

Supports Scalability

Scalability is when businesses lookout for the appropriate frameworks for web development. With the help of RoR, scalability could be acquired along with fulfilling the diversified needs of users. Scalability is very essential for every business and for this, Ruby on Rails development company let the organizations build scalable products and applications. This makes the platform a great, flexible and effective to introduce new features in the application and allow modification of the existing ones in the application.

Provides Strong Security

Ruby on Rails is not only a flexible language that suits almost all type of applications but it also encourages high security that influences workflow in a smooth and efficient manner. Developers of this framework have paid special attention to make it a robust platform for building secured and effective applications.

All these highlights of Ruby on Rails will surely convince you to pick it up for your next project. If you’re confused between choosing RoR or any other platform, then you should go with Ruby because it is not only one of the oldest and widely used for web development but its components such as security features, up-to-date technology, etc. also play a vital role in making an application robust and proficient.

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