24 Hour Home Care: Things that you should know

Are you searching for a 24 hour home care for yourself or loved ones? Maybe you may not entirely clear about what is a 24 Hour Home Care is.

If you think that they are the same with life in care, then you are wrong.

Both services offer around-the-clock care ensuring that the caregiver will be there throughout the day and night. They are great alternatives to assisted living.

Your loved one can receive a 24/7 care from a caregiver at the comfort of your own home.

These two services are the same and different at the same time. To help you decide on what service you will choose, we will discuss the difference between these two services.

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is a 24-hour caregiving service. A live-in caregiver focuses on keeping an elder in the comfort of their home while providing a 12 up to 24 hours nursing service.

The task of live-in caregivers

  • House cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation

These types of home health aide do not actually live at your home. They have their own home and work only in a 24-hour shift to several days or even a full week depending on your agreement.

And for the other days, a different caregiver will assist you while the other is having a rest day.

There is a four (4) hour break given to the daytime caregiver in a 24 hour period schedule. And for the live-in shift, your caregiver is entitled to an eight (8) hour sleeping break and a sleeping bed.

The advantage of a live-in care assistant

One of the greatest advantages of having a live-in care assistant is that you significantly reduce two scheduled caregivers for the whole week.

With this, it provides consistency to the care that you will receive. You can also have a chance to build a relationship and connection with your caregivers because you are at rest and relax with them.

The disadvantage of live-in care assistant

As mentioned earlier, a daytime caregiver is entitled to a 4-hour break with optional coverage.

If you choose not to cover the 4-hour break, the daytime caregiver can leave for 4 hours. You can either be left alone or a family member will take over during these hours.

And if you choose to cover this 4 hour, then you have to pay for the additional hourly cost to the flat live-in rate.

While the night shifts caregiver is given a mandatory sleeping break because you may not need direct supervision during night time.

What is a 24 Hour Home Care?

There are two caregivers that will assist you when you will choose 24-hour care. They are both booked daily and will work for 12 hours shifts schedule.

There are times that the caregivers do not work straight for 12 hours but instead has a 3 x 8 hours shifting to ensure that both caregivers are at their maximum level of alertness.

There are also times that one caregiver is a book to work for a 4 x 12 hours shifting schedule per week.

In 24 hour care, the caregiver is not given a sleeping break.  But it also depends on you if you will allow your health aid to sleep.

The Advantage of a 24 Home Care Assistant

One great benefits of having a 24 hour home care assistant are that the aid will be with you all the times. They are also awake all throughout the night to ensure that you are being supervised and taken care of.

You have a 24/7 support so that you can rest assured that you are well taken care of.

The Disadvantage of 24 Home Care Assistant

Having 24-hour aid is costly. This is due to the reason that they are being billed at an hourly rate. This makes more expensive than live-in care.

Why choose 24 hour home care or in-home care assistant?

If your loved one needs around-the-clock care then you should definitely choose a 24-hour home care or in-home care assistant rather than going assisted living facilities. You can rest assured that you will still receive the care that you need at the comfort of your own home.

You only need to choose a home care provider that provides compassionate in-home assistance and will guide you and your family to find the best ways to pay for care.

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