5 Types of First Time Drivers

Types of newbie drivers and the best thing to do

Are you a newbie when it comes to driving?

If so, then you probably sharing the same dilemma that most beginners felt when they are just starting to drive.

There are different types of the driver out there. But most of the beginners are nervous drivers. They are too afraid to even step on the gas or move the steering wheel.

Are you one of them?

Then what kind of a new driver are you? Below are the types of new drivers that I commonly encountered.

Common Types of First Time Drivers

Reluctant Driver

This type of driver is not anxious to get behind the wheel. They only need some gentle and persistent persuasion.

There are moments that they may stage delaying tactics just to avoid the driving lessons. But its ok, being hesitant is understandable.

Remember that driving is a big responsibility, but you will never regret teaching them once they learn.

Overconfident Driver

This driver is a complete opposite of the reluctant driver. He has no fear of getting behind the wheel.

This type of driver is very much convinced that he is born to race and there is no need for him to go to a driving school.

Believing in yourself that you can is good, but having a too overconfident driver will still scare you to death. It is very important to give them a reality check first.

Too Cautious Driver

Being cautious in driving is good, but do not overdo it. You should be fast in making a decision when you are driving and that’s the problem with this type of driver.

Their indecision, second-guessing, and driving too slow can be as dangerous as speeding. They believe that they need to take things slowly.

A slow pore and too cautious driver can always be spotted on the right lane of the road.

Lead-footed Driver

This type of driver loves flooring the accelerator. They do not compensate for the throttle position of the car for any road conditions, they just want to drive and speed up the car.

This daring driver should be reined and needs to be taught how to slow down. If not, they will become a regular customer for speeding tickets and can be dangerous to meet up in the streets.

Mail Delivered Driver

This type of driver always drives to close to the curb just like most mail deliverers do. They have difficulty in calculating and judging the width of their car in relation to the road.

They need to figure out their appropriate road orientation or else you will always of having a head-on collision accident with this driver.

If you notice that they are becoming too close to the curb or anything, let them know calmly.

In Conclusion

Being a first-time driver can cause a great deal of stress and worry to some. You might feel that driving can be a great challenge to you, making you a nervous driver.

What you need to do is know the basics and the rules, possess the right confidence and discipline, and proper guidance in driving.

Are you eager to learn to drive in the most effective and efficient way? You can enroll in a trusted driving school that offers intensive driving courses to help you drive like a professional.

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