HSBC conducted a survey about the world’s best country for expats, which was completed by 22,318 expats across the 163 different countries. Singapore has been selected for the world’s best country.

Expats rated the countries based on the three different criteria which are based on economy, experience, and family.

Singapore has the highest score on its economic condition. Based on the survey, around 47% of expats said they have moved to Singapore for a better future. An average earning in Singapore is about $162,000, which is more than $56,000 than the global average.

Since salary earning is higher, Singapore is also one of the expensive places to live in the world.  

Nevertheless, Singapore has the highest level of education for children. Expats mentioned that they have found tremendous children’s growth improvement since they have relocated to Singapore. Families also responded that their children’s life has also improved with the multi-culture.

New Zealand is in second place in the highest earning ranking based on outdoor activities.

Germany got third ranking in the highest ranking in economics, followed by Canada and Bahrain respectively fourth and fifth place.

There were 31 countries listed in the category by HSBC’s leader board.

The United States got the 23rd ranking as it dropped down three places since 2017. U.S salary range is about $80,000. long hours, difficulties in social circles are some of the factors which lowered the country’s ranking.



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