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Salesforce the best valued CRM for small businesses

Businesses, no matter how small they are, the customer’s satisfaction is based on how good services/products they offer. It’s not only about ‘what’ you deliver but also ‘how’ and ‘when’ you deliver and probably that’s where things get tricky for business owners. The whole experience that a company provides can be managed using customer relationship management (CRM) which is essential to transform any small business into a powerful, vibrant and rapidly growing one.

Salesforce is known as the leading CRM software solution to help the sales team manage their existing clients, communication with future clients, and generating new leads. It sells compatible business software programs to handle advanced analytics, finance, healthcare companies and more.

Why choose Salesforce CRM?

It is simple, scalable, customizable, and powerful.

Salesforce’s CRM software streamlines and automates the business processes once implemented. It makes the marketing team productive and efficient by providing company’s specific needs.

Salesforce CRM features

Custom Dashboards: Dashboard views are custom-built according to the requirement, so employees with various jobs can save their time and see what’s really important to them.

Click-to-dial: An essential feature for call centers to eliminate the requirement of a third-party calling solution that simplifies the calling process.

Salesforce Trailblazer Community: Trailblazer community is more active and responsive that allows you to connect, learn and have fun at regular meetings.

Customer Service Console: An add-on which is created specifically for small businesses and help desks to help users view customer inquiries using social media, phone, chat, and emails at one place and maintains all the data.

Project management: Salesforce’s project management is built into its CRM solution, majorly in the form of workflows, job assignments, and approvals. However, if there is a need of more advanced project management, you can integrate it with your Salesforce CRM through AppExchange.

AppExchange: With various paid services, users can integrate with their CRMs using AppExchange and can browse its store by category to get a scope of add-ons available.

Benefits of Salesforce

There are several benefits of using Salesforce CRM, however, here are the ones that stand out the most:

Sales Performance Management:  – Everything related to company’s sales process such as evaluating sales performance, tracking progress, setting goals, etc. can be managed using Salesforce.

Process Automation: Through automating processes like contact management, reporting, workflow, email marketing, businesses can reduce human errors which saves time and resources.

Real-time Data: It provides a customized and comprehensive bird’s eye view of business performance using Salesforce dashboards and report.

Third-party Integrations: Salesforce can be integrated with various third-party apps, which includes AppExchange along with other ERP, accounting and marketing software.


CRM manages the most important goal of your business i.e. satisfying your customers and Salesforce is a highly effective CRM system that provides success platform that helps companies to connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

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