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Why Do Men Like a Bad Girl?

Why Do Men Like a Bad Girl?


You can agree with me that finding a unicorn dating is quite difficult. Finding a threesome partner who does not have feelings invested in the relationship with one of the parties is a bit of a tricky situation and is common. Another thing is, there is a social stigma around one willing to join a threesome affair. However, one ought to over this stigma by asking yourself why you want to join a threesome dating site. There’s really no right or wrong answer. Married couples have a three-way’ to spice up their conjugal affair as a way of helping the married thrive in the long term. Above all, as a woman, you would want to delve into three-way dating on the count of being safe while you are at it.

Having A Threesome

With that being said, here are tips to help you stay safe, before, during and after finding your unicorn dating.

  • Remain Anonymous.
  • Earn Your Trust From Other Users.
  • Pay Attention to Non-verbal Cues From Other Users.
  • Find what fits your sexual orientation.
  • Keep Checking Whether Your Webcam Has Been Hacked.
  1. Remain Anonymous

As a new user to a three-way website, do not give away too much information too soon. It is important to remain as casual as possible and as discrete. Do not give too much information about yourself or your daily affairs until you have completely build a valid relationship with another user. You may ask, how can one really tear apart a valid user from an invalid one? Over a good period of time, you can easily tell. Some users come off too strong in a very repulsive manner and others apply threats over a conversation that will endanger your safety as a user.

However, this does not mean that you should abstain from giving relevant information that a site demands in setting up your three-way dating account. Give all the relevant information that the website needs to verify your account. Regardless, I would advise that if in the description it provides that giving a certain informational is optional, then you may not give it.

  1. Earn Your Trust From Other Users.

Before sharing any discrete information with another user, they ought to earn your trust and you ought to earn theirs. Remember that in most cases, even the other party is trying to know you really are before scheduling for a three-way encounter. They are also looking out for their safety. Working out this trust balance can be practically precarious but there if often one party that is giving out more information as a strategy to build up the trust. All I am saying is, as a new user, don’t be that person who gives out more information about yourself till they earn your trust.

  1. Pay Attention on Non- Verbal Cues From Other Users.

Be very keen to identify and understand non-verbal cues from other users in a three-way website. What that means is that you should be able to read between the lines of the texts that you exchange with other users. The tone in a text can help you know and understand whether the other user is a genuine person available for the three-way hookup or some crafty person who is likely to jeopardize your safety or even mentally traumatize you. Ladies are said to have a sixth sense that sends a signal to your mind that, something here feels off. By all means, if that sixth sense sends such a signal, be sure to look into it and keep it very minimal with the let to be established crafty user.

  1. Find What Fits Your Sexual Orientation

Your sexual orientation is part of who you are. It is part of your identity. Therefore, if you are a lady whose sexual orientation is either homosexual, transgender, queer, bisexual or bi-curious, there are three-way dating websites that will work perfectly for you. It is important to sign up for a website that works well with your sexual orientation because not everyone is open to all kinds of sexual orientation. Therefore, what will happen if you join a website that does not resonate well with your sexuality is that you may meet users who may condemn you and that can be very damaging because that person will be practically poking your personal identity.

A threesome dating website is a platform to explore and acknowledge your sexuality and thrive while you are at it. It’s not a platform where you have to justify your sexual orientation to someone else just because it different from theirs.

  1. Keep Checking Whether Your Webcam Has Been Hacked

Have your fun while meeting different people online and explore your sexuality but be safe while you are at it. Different websites have their security measures to ensure that you are not hacked or to verify your identity. However, there are precautions that you should take account of because there is only so much that a website’s policies and rules can regulate.

In as much as it is quite easy for a hacker to hack your device webcam, it’s also easy to know whether your webcam has been hacked or not. The easiest way to know that your camera has been hacked is that the light next to the webcam is lit up even when you are not using it or when your security settings are absurdly changed or when your security camera is rotating on its own or when the LED light is automatically blinking.

As initially stated, be sure to know who the other user really is because you may hold a conference video call with three or more parties and that way, your webcam is easily hacked. You can protect your webcam from being broken into by installing an antivirus software that gives malware and spyware protection. Ensure that that software is updated at all times so that it may function effectively.

In conclusion, ladies ought to have some fun. Ladies have the liberty to mingle with other people online and get to explore their sexuality to their liking with willing parties. All that one need to keep in mind is that they need to be safe at all times to make their threesome dating experience more enjoyable without any form of paranoia getting in the way. In as much as ladies are often viewed as vulnerable people, sometimes ladies just want to have fun!


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