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Mobile app development is not rocket science; it is customized software development. You only need a professional mobile app development company who should be able to understand your mobile app development project requirements clearly and will be able to advise on the technical aspects and mobile app user flow. Majority of the mobile app design companies in Singapore have either unqualified sales staff in terms of technical understanding and the result is that they are unable to advise correctly during the initial meeting on the technical issues. Thus, miscommunication and misconception start even from the mobile app quotation phase.

mobile app development Singapore

In today’s digital world whereby everything is transferring to mobile devices, the selection of highly skilled mobile application developers in Singapore is slightly difficult.

During the mobile app development quotation phase, there are various requirements and factors not properly described and some mobile app development companies may intentionally hide their understanding on the project in order to grasp a higher profit margin after kicking off the project.

Mobile app development companies also assume, and issue quotation based on their own project understanding.

CodiGeeks only specializes in custom mobile application development. We have a unique approach in terms of issuing mobile app development quotes. These make us different from other mobile app development companies in Singapore. Our core services included iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (Tablet) app development in Singapore. Curious to know more? Feel free to give us a call.

Singapore is a high tech country in regards to adopting the latest mobile technology and devices in the top world ranking. In Singapore, the mobile app development process requires professional mobile app developers along with the business consultants, who should have domain knowledge of business process and understand the flow.

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As compared to other parts of the world, there is the highest demand for mobile app developers in Singapore for the customized mobile app development. A mobile app should be unique, should have different user flows, clear contents and navigation. All these issues at CodiGeeks can be taken care of by our experienced mobile app developers in Singapore.

The most crucial part of mobile app development, which you need to take into consideration, are you getting another company’s product or your product will be available for other companies later? Yes, most of the mobile application development companies in Singapore are working on product based mobile app development. They only change the UI design of the mobile app, give it to you without source code, and you still pay the same or sometimes more amount for your mobile app development in Singapore. Singapore mobile app development companies make a huge profit out of it, as they are not developing an app from scratch. The client is in a loss as they struggle to compromise with the product and unable to update the app with additional features as the source code is not in their possession.

Why not try CodiGeeks who solely work on tailored mobile application development with highly competitive prices and yes source code and product IP is all yours after completion.

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