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Singapore has the biggest record as regard to mobile app development; the business goes for a mobile-first strategy as APAC recorded over 50% Smartphone penetration as at last year. Over 40 App were installed by Smartphone users at a time in Singapore.  The 65 percents of their apps belong to the social media category of the population according to the social group known as “we are social” In 2016. Another interesting aspect of their Apps is that of gaming, as Apps Annie that shows the apex ranked at the apple store e.g.  Clash Royale, Monopoly, Minecraft, Mobilestrike and the newest game is Uber.

Since the development of mobile Apps, users now have options to choose between Android or iOS. The mobile apps as reducing the rate at which Windows Operating System is been used because of the small segment of the Mobile Apps users.

Let’s take a look at the position of Apple in Singapore

Among the peers and consumers, Apple is well recognized because of its numerous marketing strategies that show clearly in Apps. Apple stands out among all others in Asia especially Singapore that are good in technology. Smartphone users make were satisfied in using iOS because of its quality.

The value of Google in Singapore

Android also has another interesting package that makes use of Google as marketing strategies, it has gone a long way to making marketing easier, as a result of these, most Asian countries have to turn Smartphone users to Android users. Both Android and iOS Apps in Singapore have key factors that suite the present situation.

Monetary aspect of the apps making

Development of Apps is a good business, compare to others that their running depends on money. If you take note their top downloads are free. Smartphone ages as increases user expectation. UX spotlight has helped the Apps developers in stepping up their game in Singapore. Honestly, most of the investors now venture into Apps development, because is an excellent way of generating money and most companies develop Apps to make sales online.

This technique is real for most Android at Google Play Store but talking about iOS apps they run in different ways. Loyalty is always been practice by Apps users by paying for high-quality Apps, but in case  Of iOS Apps, there are multiple price packages rating on the feature you are ready to use.

Looking at the Economics and Budget aspect.

When you buy any brand of apple, you will realize you are getting more value than the price you get the product. As iOS is famous and lovely, the App developers decide to rate this operating system above others. Nevertheless, the Apps allow the running of superb UX and usability that help the developer to go to native iOS Apps. It is clear that Apple devise and software are costs relating to that of Androids. As a result of this those that can afford them go for iPad, iPhone, and some other Apple devices.

Less population of Asia go for Android because they can’t afford to maintain the iPhone as a result of its huge prices. As a matter of fact, everyone can still find both affordable Smartphone and luxury ones among Android devices; in that way, Android Apps can still really boost individual earnings.

App development plan

There are series of apps:  Native, hybrid and cross-platform Apps but that of native is preferred as they give flawless UX. The demand for the native Apps is high in Singapore and very much ok.  As a result of this, the Android developer increases but that of iOS Apps is very expensive to develop.

A lot of users in Singapore complain that updating Android does take much time compared to that of iOS because many versions were merged into an update. As regards this, Google always lags behind when referring to Apple.

Nevertheless, Android Apps really grows in Singapore, that can’t be denied and even the future is unpredictable. In Singapore, App developers choose operating system because they depend on the needs of their clients to have more profits.





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