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Top 50 Free Blog Commenting Sites List for 2019 (High DA and PR)

Top 50 Free Blog Commenting Sites List for 2019 (High DA and PR)

What is Blog Comment?

It is a simple way to get the backlink of your niche. When you comment on other high domain authority sites, you are increasing your own domain authority by commenting and it is an easy way to get the quality backlinks from those websites. Blog commenting can be considered as one of the top off page SEO strategies.

There are various advantages of submitting your website to the different blogs and it really increases your website ranking and online presence. By commenting on other blogs, you are inviting traffic to your own website.

Benefits of high DA blog commenting:

Have you ever thought, what is the purpose of blog commenting? It is very simple, by reading other blogs, you are entitled to share your own views and express by commenting. In return, you get high DA quality backlinks for your own website or blog. The best part is, you are not paying anything for it and getting it free. Some blog auto approves comments and some approved by the admin. You should only comment related to the topic and your comment should be unique.

There is one more important thing on blog commenting which is Dofollow and No follow links. Majority of the blog sites offers no follow backlinks. Nothing to worry as no follow backlinks also help you to boost website traffic and Alexa ranking. It is one of the finest SEO tactics.

Blog Commenting sites types:

There are various types of blog commenting sites in this world. Some are instant approval and some require admin approval, which takes some time to approve your blog comment. Some blog sites offer Name, email, URL and comment box while some blog sites want you to have an account on their website in order to comment on the blog. You can have different accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Disqus, WordPress, and blogger, etc.

Blog Comment Guideline:

There are certain points you need to keep in your mind in order to comment on the blog sites. If you follow the below guidelines, chances to get your comment approved will be high.

–          You have to read the blog carefully before commenting on anything.

–          Please read the commenting guideline if any.

–          Some websites do not allow you to write any URL or HTML in the comment section. Please make sure you are not breaking the rule.

–          Always write your real name in the name section.

–          In the name section, do not write any keyword.

–          Your comment should be relevant to the blog topic as it is essential.

–          Please make sure you are not copying your comment from any other website.

–          Your comment should have unique contents according to the topic.

–          Type your real email address in the email section.

–          If your email is in spam list, then your comment will not be approved.

–          In the comment box, type your unique comment.

–          Type your own blog or website URL in the URL section.

Here are the top 50 Blog Commenting Sites List for 2019.

Sr. No. Commenting Sites Alexa Rank
1 81
2 1,733
3 2,813
4 3,746
5 4,319
6 5,864
7 5,963
8 6,661
9 7,343
10 9,403
11 9,477
12 11,044
13 13,680
14 13,993
15 17,111
16 20,322
17 21,119
18 22,614
19 25,138
20 29,817
21 29,870
22 31,194
23 33,538
24 33,555
25 36,516
26 40,602
27 44,552
28 47,254
29 48,720
30 49,694
31 50,478
32 53,093
33 53,658
34 54,399
35 56,831
36 57,027
37 59,430
38 60,288
39 61,168
40 61,831
41 64,951
42 64,998
43 66,054
44 66,850
45 67,413
46 71,038
47 71,546
48 72,347
49 74,475
50 74,515

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  1. Thanks for sharing, great collection of blog commenting sites list are really amazing.
    I appreciate your hard work. Keep posting new updates with us. This is really a wonderful post. Nice Blog Very interesting and useful information on your website. Thanks for sharing the blog and this great information which is definitely going to help us.

  2. However, it’s not a matter of commenting on blogs, what’s most important is the type of comments you’re leaving on those blogs if they’re engaging and interesting enough then, they will likely come with so many benefits. Really Nice List Impressive collection of some great blog sites. Blog commenting is really one of the easiest ways to build up a following around your blog. I am sure that every blogger should have known this fact by now. Some Links are not working properly but overall a nice lists.

  3. Nice list of blog commenting sites.
    I think, blog commenting technique also help in drive the traffic on blog.
    I submit the comment on niche relevant blog as it help me to improve my blog ranking.
    Your list of commenting site will be helpful for me.

  4. Thanks for sharing blog commenting sites, I am marketing blogger and know how to do blog commenting on quality blog.
    I always submit the comment on niche relevant blog Post and try to get link back from them.
    I submitted the comment on some of above sites and got the approval in 2 to 3 days. Please Update the list of blog commenting sites.

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