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Wrinkles and Lines – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Wrinkles and Lines – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

One of the most common reasons people visit cosmetic doctors is because they have wrinkles. So what is the deal with wrinkles?

I like to look at wrinkles a little differently. Not all wrinkles are bad. And I put wrinkles into 3 categories – the good, the bad and the ugly wrinkles.

Is there such thing as good wrinkles?

Of course there is. Getting rid of these good wrinkles may in fact make you look awkward or more unattractive. The best example of good wrinkles is what I call the gentleman’s wrinkles. Some wrinkles around the eyes and forehead are totally acceptable for men after 30 years of age. In fact, these good wrinkles make men look more distinguished and attractive. The only times we would treat these wrinkles is when we try to prevent these wrinkles from turning into deep permanent static lines, and when the wrinkles get too severe that they look older than their actual age. We can do this by injecting a small to moderate amount of botulinum toxin around these wrinkled areas regularly.

Sometimes, all they need is simple treatment that improves skin quality such as fractional laser, rejuran and skin booster.

We talked about gentleman’s wrinkles. What about ladies?

Mild wrinkles can also look good in mature ladies, especially the crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. Getting rid of these wrinkles completely may make them look unnatural and often produce a frozen look. It takes away their facial expression which is often what makes them look young and attractive.

Now, what are bad wrinkles?

Bad wrinkles are the wrinkles that have been around for too long that they become permanent lines. Just imagine a piece of paper that has been repeatedly folded. The lines over the folded areas become permanent. These wrinkles that initially only appear when you smile or raise your eye brows, become permanent and apparent even when you are not expressing yourself.

The most common bad wrinkles are the forehead and the frown wrinkles. Permanent forehead wrinkles make you look older than your age. Permanent frown wrinkles make you look unhappy or even angry twenty four seven.

How do you prevent bad wrinkles?

If you are very expressive and start having wrinkles early in your age, you should consider getting early preventive treatment. Small amount of botulinum toxins can be used regularly to delay this process. You can also get skin tightening treatment such as HIFU and skin RadioFrequency treatment done regularly. Besides, improving your skin quality will also delay bad wrinkles from forming. I am talking about skin treatment such as laser, IPL, skin booster and rejuran etc.

Let’s move on to the scariest one – the ugly wrinkles.

Interestingly, ugly wrinkles are the wrinkles that most people tend to overlook or ignore because they don’t realize how much these wrinkles affect their overall appearance. These wrinkles are under eye wrinkles, neck lines, and wrinkles at the back of your hands. Very often, people will get facial wrinkles treated to look younger, but fail to realize that their eyes, neck and hands give away their real age effortlessly.

Under eye wrinkles are extremely common and they get worse with poor lifestyle such as poor sleep, stress and unhealthy diet. They make you look old, tired and worn out. These wrinkles can be improved by improving your lifestyle, and aesthetic treatment such as lasers, fillers, skin booster, HIFU and RadioFrequency skin tightening treatment.

Neck is probably the most ignored part. Neck lines can be treated with HIFU treatment, Radiofrequency and skin booster. Wrinkles at the back of the hands can be improved with laser, fillers and skin booster treatment.

If you are concerned about wrinkles, it is very important to let your doctor assess your condition to advise you what treatment suits you best.

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