Hospital Bag Checklist: The Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Going into labour can indeed be a stressful time. You will not want to pack your hospital bag at the very last minute and realise that you have forgotten to bring along important stuff. If your pregnancy is high risk, it will be best for you to pack your hospital bag at 35 weeks in case you go into labour early. Otherwise, you can pack your hospital bag between 37 to 38 weeks. The general rule would be to pack your hospital bag 2 to 4 weeks before your estimated due date. You would want your hospital bag to be ready whenever your baby is. Below are lists of things you and your baby will require when you are in the hospital before and after labour.

For Mothers

  • Photo ID, hospital form
  • Few pairs of non-skid socks (to keep feet warm if the delivery suite is cold)
  • Eye mask (if you have trouble sleeping with lights on)
  • Disposable underwear
  • Maternity bras (without underwire support)
  • Extra pack of maternity or heavy flow pads
  • One set of loose or comfortable clothing to go home
  • Lip balm for cracked lips (hospitals can be dry due to air-conditioning)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, hair care products and body wash
  • Spectacles
  • Slippers
  • Hair Bands
  • Nursing pillow
  • Nursing pads
  • Breast pump

For Fathers

  • Snacks (essential if labour will be long)
  • Mobile Phone and Charger
  • 1 Set of clothes
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste

For Baby

  • Newborn clothing (1 set for going home as most hospitals will only provide clothing during the stay)
  • One receiving blanket (for going home)
  • Diapers (Most hospitals provide one pack of diapers, but you can bring your own if you like)
  • Baby Wipes (provided by hospital)
  • Mitten and Bootie Set
  • Baby Hat

For Siblings

If your younger children are going to be in the hospital before or after the baby arrives, have the following packed for them.

  • Favorite toys, books, crayons and markers to keep them busy.

You are totally ready now for your baby’s arrival!. Do bear in mind that every pregnant women’s needs differ therefore get advice from your gynae on what to pack other than the things above.

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